Exclusive Stock Price Analysis


Stocks Rebounded Again – Which Direction Is Next?

S&P 500 is trading sideways as it remains relatively near a record high – so, is this just a pause within an uptrend?


S&P 500 Trades Along 5,200, CPI Remains in Focus

Stocks extend a consolidation ahead of tomorrow’s CPI data – which direction is next?


Stocks: Mixed Signals, Consolidation Extending

More uncertainty may be ahead of economic data, earnings releases - which direction is next?


Stock Price Forecast for April 2024

The sentiment worsens this morning, but does it mean that stocks are forming a topping pattern?


Stocks: More Uncertainty Despite New Record Highs

The S&P 500 is likely to open higher after a long holiday weekend, but will the uptrend continue?


Stocks: Uncertainty and Low Volatility

S&P 500 continues sideways ahead of a long holiday weekend. Is this just a flat correction?


Is the S&P 500's Post-Fed Rally Failing?

Stocks have pulled back from their new record highs. Could this be a local top?


Stocks: Uncertainty Ahead of the FOMC Decision

S&P 500 approached its all-time high again – is this still a potential topping pattern?

Stock Price Analysis

Are Stocks Just Pausing Before the Coming Economic Data?

Stocks extend their short-term consolidation – is this a topping pattern?

Will Earnings Reports Push Stock Prices Higher?

The S&P 500 index remained close to its local high on Monday – will the uptrend continue?

S&P 500 Remains Close to 4,000 – Will It Break Higher?

Stock prices extend their consolidation - will they resume the uptrend?

Stocks – More Uncertainty, Is This a Bottoming Pattern?

Stocks extended their consolidation yesterday, and today there’s even more uncertainty.