Exclusive Stock Price Analysis


Are Stock Prices Still Forming a Bottom?

The S&P 500 keeps extending its consolidation – is this a potential bottoming pattern?


Stock Prices Go Sideways – Are They Forming a Bottom?

The stock market extends its week-long consolidation – is this still a potential bottoming pattern?


Stocks – Short-Term Uncertainty Following Recent Declines

S&P 500 index bounced from 3,800 level – was it a reversal or just upward correction?


Are Stocks Close to a Short-Term Bottom?

Stock prices went lower again – is a short-term bottom in?


Are Stocks In a New Downtrend?

Stocks sold off on Thursday, as Central Banks signaled more tightening ahead. Is this a new downtrend?


Stocks to Rally After CPI, but Will They Reach New Highs?

The S&P 500 bounced on Monday, and today it’s going to open much higher after the CPI data. Will the uptrend resume?


Stocks Jitter Ahead of Next Week’s Key Data

Stock prices rebounded, as the index went closer to support levels. Is the correction over?


S&P 500 Sold Off Again - Is This Still Just a Correction?

Stock prices suffered another sharp decline yesterday – is this a change of trend?

Stock Price Analysis

Has the S&P 500 Reached a Peak?

Stocks reached new highs, but a correction may be coming.

Stocks Fluctuate Following Last Week’s Rally

S&P 500 retraced its recent advances – is the uptrend over?

Stocks Are In a Rally Mode – Is This Just a Correction?

Stock prices extended their gains yesterday – will they continue higher today?

Will Stocks Extend Their Consolidation?

S&P 500 went closer to 4,300 level again – will the uptrend resume?