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Stocks Rally Even Higher as S&P 500 Touches 4,500

Stock prices rallied on CPI number yesterday, but will the uptrend continue?


S&P 500 Is Closer to Local Highs Again

The S&P 500 rallied on Friday, but will it break above the previous highs?


S&P 500 - Sentiment Worsens Following Earnings Releases

Stocks are about to open lower – more uncertainty as the S&P 500 trades along 4,000.


S&P 500 Sold Off – Was It Just a Correction?

The S&P 500 extended its Wednesday’s decline yesterday – is this a new downtrend?


Uncertainty Following PPI Release – Will Stocks Resume Their Uptrend?

Stock prices were little changed on Tuesday – will they resume their uptrend today?


S&P 500 Gets Closer to 4,000 Mark – Will Uptrend Continue?

Stocks resumed their uptrend on Wednesday, and today’s inflation release was pretty much inconclusive – will the uptrend continue?


Are Stocks In a New Uptrend?

On Friday the S&P 500 was the highest since mid-December - will the short-term uptrend continue?


Stocks to Gain on Better Economic Data – Is This an Uptrend?

Stocks went closer to their recent local lows yesterday – is this still a potential bottoming pattern?

Stock Price Analysis

Stocks Go Sideways – Is It Still Bullish?

Stock prices fluctuated on Tuesday, but they closed flat. Will they break higher?

S&P 500 Below the Important 4,200 Mark – Will Uptrend Continue?

Stocks extend a short-term consolidation following their recent rally – is this just a flat correction?

Stocks Broke Higher, Will S&P 500 Go to 4,200?

Stocks broke above their recent highs following Fed’s release – will the uptrend continue?

Stocks to Correct Last Week’s Advance – Is Uptrend Over?

The S&P 500 went close to the 4,100 level on Friday - will the uptrend continue?